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Make a grocery list for your weekly shopping using this grocery shopping list software. When you need a grocery list you do not need to type anything, just tick the items on your checklist to add these items to your grocery list. We provide a checklist to remind you what to buy, but this is even more effective if you customize it to list all the items that you normally buy, and arrange them the order that matches your shopping route. A print preview screen will let you check your grocery list before it is printed and allow you to choose between 2 columns in portrait, or 3 columns in landscape on A4 paper. You can then fold the paper using the fold marks to create a handy sized list. All the items on your grocery list are sorted by category, and can be listed in the right order, so that you do not have to retrace your steps when shopping. If somebody else does your shopping then you can send your grocery list to them by email using this software. Your grocery list can also be saved as a .txt file.

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